Educational video gaming

Video Gaming is an electronic or computerized game played by influencing image on a video display or television screen. Looking back to history of computer gaming, it is first discovered by William Higinbotham in 1958.His first Video called “Tennis for two” and he played on the Brookhaven National Laboratory. The early programmers and game designer build with new ideas and has taken by new industry. From last four decades it is leading to progress. Today it is accepting in educational field. At first educators ignored, but after long discussing on social consequences, they accept it. They argued the cognitive potential of learning. (History of Computer Games, From Spacewar to Tournament) defines the videogame as an electronic or computerized game played by manipulating images on a video display or television screen.

Computer games are of many kinds. To illustrate as per educational games are of following types as:

  • Educational-It is made special for learning. These are based on the teaching methods. Example: Leapster and Pixter
  • Party games- These are like mini games for two minutes and played by people togetherly.Each individual get chance to play the game.
  • Physical – In this type of game physical movement of the player is necessary. They swing the remote with the motion of the body which is good for physical development of the child
  • Puzzle-These are abstract games based on problem solving. Like math puzzles, sharpen the mind of the child. Child learns through trial and error methods. He use brain and find own ways to solve the problems.
  • Racing-To study the speed and time racing games are perfect Child race the car and given time to win the race.
  • Sport games- These are on line game. Such games attached the child with other people. It build a team and keep the child improving along with the team
  • Fighting-Such games are based on military attacks. Through these games child can learn the ways to protect him from the enemies.
  • Platform- These are related to stories. The much attention is given on the characters of the game. These are used to provide values to the child. Such are violent based and helpful for society Types . (The Most Addictive of Video Games) To implicate the above games in the class various methods and strategies are used to make effective teaching –learning

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