Strategies to implement video gaming

November 12, 2008

Strategies to implement the video games in class 


Before implementation of the video gaming in the class, teacher should follow few steps. These are as follow: 

  • Aware the children: The first need is to aware the child for the negative and positive effect of the computer games. It is the duty of the teacher to encourage the child to choose the games.
  • Age rating: teacher should rated the games according to the age of the child. Games should be properly coded and objective of each game should be mentioned to the children. Beside this teacher should use various measures to check the use of games by children. While rating it should be in mind that movies related to low age will be for all but the games of older age is unavailable to younger children.
  • Freedom to students: Teacher is act as a psychologist in the class and its duty to know the interest of each of the child. Thus teacher should allow the child to bring his own game in the class. This way the teacher teaches the rating and effect of the games and stops the violent behaviour of the child.
  • Making notes: Teacher should ask to write the notes on the video game which the children watch at his house. Teacher can encourage their students to write descriptive paragraphs about the video games they play at home.(Hutchinson2007) The teacher should convince the child to summaries the events that happened in the games.
  • Analysis: Teacher should also ask the questions related to that game and analysis it. If the game is related to any history, the teacher should ask the question related to knowledge of history of nations. He can organise the debate in the class on similarities and dissimilarities of all cultures. After having a long discussion, then teacher should tell they are going to play the game related to history of this particular culture.
  • Research: Teacher should also research good games on line games for the child. These games should be educational and informative. Teacher should have up to date information about the new video games and also have the knowledge how they influence the child.
  • Character Analysis: Students can be asked to draw their favourite characters. Teacher should encourage the children of lower age to imitate that character but the older students should talk about the character’s behaviour, thoughts, and purpose.(Dillon Curtis)

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