Limitations of video gaming

November 12, 2008

a.  Limitation of Computer gaming

·       Wastage of Time: It is observed that youth is wasting more time in computer gaming. At the beginning they think it is quite easy to win and they involve in it to win at any cost. They engaged too much that they even start ignoring their studies.

·       Violent behaviour among youth:  several articles have recently reported that video games may have negative effects on children’s aggression and desensitization to violence. Violent games are very popular in children which are worthless sort of entertainment. They are not able to recognise the difference in reality and fantasy. It gives birth to aggressive behaviour.

·       Cause of isolation among children; Children watch the videos alone .They are not attached with real word and no idea of gender issue. Women character in the games reveal as pathetic character. They spend more time on video gaming and less in other activities such as sport, reading, interacting with the family. This effect the mental behaviour of the child.  Ryuta Kawashima is a professor at Tohoku University in japan state that brain imaging and found out those playing video games “stunt teen brains”. Modern studies at a japanese university state that extensive periods of revelation to video games may cause behavioural and mental problem

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