Examples of video gaming

November 12, 2008

Computer gaming used in……….

A. To teach mathematice in the class

Make Five is the Viedo game which is used to the students to know the basics of the mathematics.There are hundred problems .Puzzles related to simple expression , additions, substraction or multiplications are the part of this video game. Make Five is very effective to solve mathematics problems.This is bsed on learning by doing, and trail and error methods.Child build his futureeducation on this bases.

B. To teach scientific concept:

As a emerging technology, computer gaming is used in some parts of the world. To illustrate as per (http://education.mit.edu/pda/ifish.htm) it is the good way to teach the child about life cycle of fishes. And also the eating habits of the fishes. This shows that long or big fishes always eat small one to survive. In the class it is started at the same time by following some instruction

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