Effect of video gaming on society

November 12, 2008

Social and cultural issues of the video games

It is concluded from the above discussion that computer games has good and bad effect on the society. Youth get influenced by the violent games and sometimes can indulge in crimes. They get the idea from the video games and also this link with the death of the students. For example, the student s of America decided to play game themselves .They take weapons and then proceed to kill few students. This creates social violence in society. (Julian, 2007) The video gaming is also changed the relationship among child – parent, student-student and student – teacher. It is clear that there is less need of teacher in this way of learning. Teacher gives less motivation and guidance. There is no need to face to face communication with peers and teacher. Thus it is difficult for the teacher to give the feedbacks and doing discussion on any issue. With much engagement in video gaming child avoid playing outside games. This means no attachment with peers. Rather than this child also start ignoring his parents. Child ‘s behaviour has changed in delinquency. He has no respect of others. Child imitates what he watches in games. The cost of this technology is also major problem. Sometimes it is not affordable by the parents and organisations. For the organisation it is difficult to re-plan the infrastructure, funding, arranging staff etc as it increase the workload of the organisation. Children related to them feel inferior complex in the society. Child lost in the new world of technology. Beside this, computer gaming is also not easily accessible to everybody. As it is new and very rare are familiar to this technology. Children from Rural areas are still getting education through traditional learning.

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