Critique effectiveness of video gaming

November 12, 2008

Critique of the effectiveness of the use of video game in class

  •  No face to face attraction:There is no interaction among child and teacher. This is based on the self learning. And no one helps him in his difficulties.This also effect the relationships.As child engage with video games and have no communication with others. This has bad effect on the relations.

  • Indiviual difference:  Every child has different way of learning and using this technology in the class is not appropriate for all. This encourage the disruptive behaviour in the class.

  • Funding:Funding is also the major issue to implement this type of education.This technology is costly and hardly to effordable for the indiviual and organisation.

  • Develop aggressive behaviour in child:The aggressive behaviour of the child in the class can disturb the whole class. Sometime teacher is not able to provide appropriate support to the child and he react in disruptive behaviour in the class. There is no student-teacher interaction so in this situation teacher loosen his respect. 

  • Wastage of time:Child spend more time in front computer playing games Child ignore the other subjects which are as important as the video gaming.

  • Health issues:Obesity is the major problem among the children who spend more time in playing games and they eat junk food like fats, sugar, carbohydrates while playing. This also happens so because they ignored the outside games.Locomotor is the other problem of the child.

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