Educational Video gaming

November 12, 2008

Educational video gaming

Video Gaming is an electronic or computerized game played by influencing image on a video display or television screen. Looking back to history of computer gaming, it is first discovered by William Higinbotham in 1958.His first Video called “Tennis for two” and he played on the Brookhaven National Laboratory. The early programmers and game designer build with new ideas and has taken by new industry. From last four decades it is leading to progress. Today it is accepting in educational field. At first educators ignored, but after long discussing on social consequences, they accept it. They argued the cognitive potential of learning. (History of Computer Games, From Spacewar to Tournament) defines the videogame as an electronic or computerized game played by manipulating images on a video display or television screen.

Computer games are of many kinds. To illustrate as per educational games are of following types as:

  • Educational-It is made special for learning. These are based on the teaching methods. Example: Leapster and Pixter
  • Party games- These are like mini games for two minutes and played by people togetherly.Each individual get chance to play the game.
  • Physical – In this type of game physical movement of the player is necessary. They swing the remote with the motion of the body which is good for physical development of the child
  • Puzzle-These are abstract games based on problem solving. Like math puzzles, sharpen the mind of the child. Child learns through trial and error methods. He use brain and find own ways to solve the problems.
  • Racing-To study the speed and time racing games are perfect Child race the car and given time to win the race.
  • Sport games- These are on line game. Such games attached the child with other people. It build a team and keep the child improving along with the team
  • Fighting-Such games are based on military attacks. Through these games child can learn the ways to protect him from the enemies.
  • Platform- These are related to stories. The much attention is given on the characters of the game. These are used to provide values to the child. Such are violent based and helpful for society Types . (The Most Addictive of Video Games) To implicate the above games in the class various methods and strategies are used to make effective teaching –learning

Examples of video gaming

November 12, 2008

Computer gaming used in……….

A. To teach mathematice in the class

Make Five is the Viedo game which is used to the students to know the basics of the mathematics.There are hundred problems .Puzzles related to simple expression , additions, substraction or multiplications are the part of this video game. Make Five is very effective to solve mathematics problems.This is bsed on learning by doing, and trail and error methods.Child build his futureeducation on this bases.

B. To teach scientific concept:

As a emerging technology, computer gaming is used in some parts of the world. To illustrate as per ( it is the good way to teach the child about life cycle of fishes. And also the eating habits of the fishes. This shows that long or big fishes always eat small one to survive. In the class it is started at the same time by following some instruction

Theories related to computer Gaming

In this type of learning there is no need of tutor. The learner constructs his knowledge himself. This based on Learning theory, Cognitive theory and motivation. Psychology creates a way to detain the learning and help to develop the environment. It is helpful for the tutor to know the ways in which he is able to learn and responding to environment. And also know the player more methodically which helps to predict their responses. Thus this understanding promotes the learning while maintaining high motivation. Students have deep involvement with computer which increased learning from stimulation. They are desire to control computer, responds to professed challenge from computer, and want to discover the complications of computer software Thus these factors affect the learning..At last, with this backdrop, a elementary theory of intrinsically motivating instruction is developed, based on three categories: challenge, fantasy, and curiosity. (Theories of Learning: A Computer Game Perspective)

Assumptions of Computer GamingBefore implicating the computer games in the field of education some assumptions are made. They are:

  • Motivation based learning: It is indicated above that computer gaming learning motivate learner to enhance the knowledge.This way teacher also fined the interest of learner and find the appropriate ways of teaching and provide appropriate sources. It is concluded that if the computer games are intrinsically motivational, then only learners can be broken to learn more and motivating and learning will happen almost without the individual realising it. Games also offer advantages in terms of motivation. Oftentimes students are motivated to learn material (e.g., mythology or math) when it is required for successful game play – that same material might otherwise be considered tedious. (Oblinger, p 13.)( Nicola Whitton,2007)
  • To develop Social learning: Educational Computer gaming based on moral imperative. Some advocates stated that educational games inculcate moral values in child. It is social learning .It is socializing playing as “people get together in larger public spaces and create networks of computers to play each other”. Beside this, it also engaged child when he is alone and keep him far from evils of society.( Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia)
  • Learning by doing: It emphasizes the principle of learning by doing. Child learns more through self-explanation as compared to instructional. It is observed that the class where cognitive tutor explained the steps during problem-solving. The explainer better explained their solutions steps by engaging in explanation, student acquire visual and verbal declarative knowledge. The research stated that the learner can attained in a relatively simple computer-based approach through self explanation in the class. By VALEVEN , 2002 .
  • Learning by Trial and Error method: This method is problem solving method .It succeeds where other methods fail. When child is playing computer game, he tries to find many solutions to one problem. His each error is like a feedback and he tries to improve his every error .He continues with the same till he succeeds.( Steve Pavlina,200)

Critique of the effectiveness of the use of video game in class

  •  No face to face attraction:There is no interaction among child and teacher. This is based on the self learning. And no one helps him in his difficulties.This also effect the relationships.As child engage with video games and have no communication with others. This has bad effect on the relations.

  • Indiviual difference:  Every child has different way of learning and using this technology in the class is not appropriate for all. This encourage the disruptive behaviour in the class.

  • Funding:Funding is also the major issue to implement this type of education.This technology is costly and hardly to effordable for the indiviual and organisation.

  • Develop aggressive behaviour in child:The aggressive behaviour of the child in the class can disturb the whole class. Sometime teacher is not able to provide appropriate support to the child and he react in disruptive behaviour in the class. There is no student-teacher interaction so in this situation teacher loosen his respect. 

  • Wastage of time:Child spend more time in front computer playing games Child ignore the other subjects which are as important as the video gaming.

  • Health issues:Obesity is the major problem among the children who spend more time in playing games and they eat junk food like fats, sugar, carbohydrates while playing. This also happens so because they ignored the outside games.Locomotor is the other problem of the child.

Limitations of video gaming

November 12, 2008

a.  Limitation of Computer gaming

·       Wastage of Time: It is observed that youth is wasting more time in computer gaming. At the beginning they think it is quite easy to win and they involve in it to win at any cost. They engaged too much that they even start ignoring their studies.

·       Violent behaviour among youth:  several articles have recently reported that video games may have negative effects on children’s aggression and desensitization to violence. Violent games are very popular in children which are worthless sort of entertainment. They are not able to recognise the difference in reality and fantasy. It gives birth to aggressive behaviour.

·       Cause of isolation among children; Children watch the videos alone .They are not attached with real word and no idea of gender issue. Women character in the games reveal as pathetic character. They spend more time on video gaming and less in other activities such as sport, reading, interacting with the family. This effect the mental behaviour of the child.  Ryuta Kawashima is a professor at Tohoku University in japan state that brain imaging and found out those playing video games “stunt teen brains”. Modern studies at a japanese university state that extensive periods of revelation to video games may cause behavioural and mental problem

Social and cultural issues of the video games

It is concluded from the above discussion that computer games has good and bad effect on the society. Youth get influenced by the violent games and sometimes can indulge in crimes. They get the idea from the video games and also this link with the death of the students. For example, the student s of America decided to play game themselves .They take weapons and then proceed to kill few students. This creates social violence in society. (Julian, 2007) The video gaming is also changed the relationship among child – parent, student-student and student – teacher. It is clear that there is less need of teacher in this way of learning. Teacher gives less motivation and guidance. There is no need to face to face communication with peers and teacher. Thus it is difficult for the teacher to give the feedbacks and doing discussion on any issue. With much engagement in video gaming child avoid playing outside games. This means no attachment with peers. Rather than this child also start ignoring his parents. Child ‘s behaviour has changed in delinquency. He has no respect of others. Child imitates what he watches in games. The cost of this technology is also major problem. Sometimes it is not affordable by the parents and organisations. For the organisation it is difficult to re-plan the infrastructure, funding, arranging staff etc as it increase the workload of the organisation. Children related to them feel inferior complex in the society. Child lost in the new world of technology. Beside this, computer gaming is also not easily accessible to everybody. As it is new and very rare are familiar to this technology. Children from Rural areas are still getting education through traditional learning.

Strategies to implement the video games in class 


Before implementation of the video gaming in the class, teacher should follow few steps. These are as follow: 

  • Aware the children: The first need is to aware the child for the negative and positive effect of the computer games. It is the duty of the teacher to encourage the child to choose the games.
  • Age rating: teacher should rated the games according to the age of the child. Games should be properly coded and objective of each game should be mentioned to the children. Beside this teacher should use various measures to check the use of games by children. While rating it should be in mind that movies related to low age will be for all but the games of older age is unavailable to younger children.
  • Freedom to students: Teacher is act as a psychologist in the class and its duty to know the interest of each of the child. Thus teacher should allow the child to bring his own game in the class. This way the teacher teaches the rating and effect of the games and stops the violent behaviour of the child.
  • Making notes: Teacher should ask to write the notes on the video game which the children watch at his house. Teacher can encourage their students to write descriptive paragraphs about the video games they play at home.(Hutchinson2007) The teacher should convince the child to summaries the events that happened in the games.
  • Analysis: Teacher should also ask the questions related to that game and analysis it. If the game is related to any history, the teacher should ask the question related to knowledge of history of nations. He can organise the debate in the class on similarities and dissimilarities of all cultures. After having a long discussion, then teacher should tell they are going to play the game related to history of this particular culture.
  • Research: Teacher should also research good games on line games for the child. These games should be educational and informative. Teacher should have up to date information about the new video games and also have the knowledge how they influence the child.
  • Character Analysis: Students can be asked to draw their favourite characters. Teacher should encourage the children of lower age to imitate that character but the older students should talk about the character’s behaviour, thoughts, and purpose.(Dillon Curtis)


November 12, 2008


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